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    What if the colorway I want isn’t available?

    If the colorway you want is currently unavailable, don’t fret. We’re already working on restocking it - and you’ll be able to buy it in the immediate future.

    Can moisture from rain or a car wash visit get trapped between the frame and the car?

    The drainage holes at the bottom of the frame stop liquids from building up inside and behind it. If you’re still concerned, just make sure the silicone grips your car snugly to prevent water from getting between the frame and the car.

    Where can I find installation instructions?

    You can find the instructions on the back of the packaging the plate comes in. Generally speaking, the item works just like any other license plate holder you’ve used before.

    Can I use a clear cover to shield the front of my license plate?
    Yes. Two things to keep in mind, though. First, a thick, clear cover may require long screws. Second, anything that obstructs your license plates could get you in trouble on the road.
    Does the pack come with two license plates or just one?

    Each pack comes with just one license plate. If you want to use it on the front and rear of your car, you’ll have to buy two.

    Will this license plate holder make my plate rattle?

    Not at all. You can use these with a subwoofer without worrying about any rattling.

    Can I use this with my [insert car model]?

    The holder will fit any standard license plate. So long as your car comes with a standard plate, the answer is a definite “yes”.

    What if my license plate is warped?

    Provided you can straighten out your plate, you’ll be fine. This plate is very flexible, meaning it will stretch to accommodate slightly irregular plates - e.g. ones that were bent, then straightened.

    Does the holder come with its own mounting screws and other parts?

    No - although we are working on a unique set of Rightcar Solutions branded screws.

    Is the frame flexible or does it hold its shape?

    The answer is, “both”. The plate is silicone, so it’s flexible - but it also holds its shape when released.

    Will we see more new colorways?

    We’re currently experimenting with new, exciting colors. Stay tuned for more details!

    Is the red colorway all-the-way red or leaning orange?

    It’s 100% red. We’ve heard it looks a little orange on some screens, but that’s not the case in real life.

    Does the holder accommodate decorative plates?

    Yes, so long as they’re of standard dimensions and not much thicker than government-issue plates.

    Do license plates slide into the holder, or do you need to use screws to keep it in place?

    Neither. The frames edges are pulled over the license plate to create the snuggest fit possible. Be careful to mind any sharp edges when applying the frame!